Third Republic - France

France’s invasion of Mexico is going well with British and Spanish support but after 1862, both nations have lost interest in funding the effort. France ends up in a stalemate with the remaining Mexican forces that lasts a couple years. Taking advantage of the early chaos in America, France pushes deeper into Mexico in order to make their hold more permanent by 1866. Though they have secured their hold, the action in Austria-Hungary with the future German Empire is causing them a great deal of worry. Napoleon III is worried that France may be stretched too thin to protect themselves against German aggression.

Social unrest, built on a mobilizing working class and the stress of Prussia’s success, brings the Empire to the brink. After being defeated in the Franco-Prussian war, Napolean III surrenders, and the Third Republic is born. During the transition, the territory in Mexico is reclaimed and many French flee to the neighboring US south where they add to the burden of the struggling Confederacy. The Republic never had a chance in the European political theater due to Britain and Prussia’s advances. The Opportunist Republicans push France to secure her colonial holdings in order to maintain a some strength. They use the influence of their colonies to attempt alliances with the other powers in Europe.

France finally achieves their own source of Gravicite in India. By 1889, their colonial network is flourishing and they are become a more lucrative ally for an enterprising nation.

French colonies: Oran, Algeria, Constantine, Alger, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Senegal, Nigeria, Congo, Dijibouti, Indochina, Polyniesia, Tahiti, New Guinea

Third Republic - France

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